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Tax and IRS Representation

Penalty & Interest Abatement

The IRS has the power to collect additional penalties and interest on unpaid taxes. Sometimes, they will fail to follow appropriate procedures in assessing the amounts owed and will charge too much interest or charge unlawful penalties against the taxpayer. It is possible to owe a penalty for a failure to file, a failure to pay your taxes, or a failure to report all your income.

At The Barrister Group, L.C., our attorneys can provide you with the legal experience and skill you need to effectively negotiate reductions in penalties and/or interest.

The are a number of situations that allow you to seek abatement (reduction) of penalties, including health care issues, mounting medical bills, or other unforeseen circumstances. If you meet certain criteria, our attorneys can help you reduce or eliminate penalties and interest accumulating on your tax debt. We also have helped clients seek abatement in circumstances when they had no knowledge of the unpaid taxes. If the IRS did not inform you of your tax debt, you may be able to get abatement of your penalties and/or interest. Our attorneys can assist you in identifying a “reasonable cause” and negotiating with the IRS.

Contact The Barrister Group, L.C. to ensure that you pay no more to the IRS than you are absolutely required to by law.