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Tax and IRS Representation

Payroll Taxes

A business has a duty to collect Social Security taxes, Medicaid taxes, railroad retirement taxes, and excise taxes through its payroll. If a business fails to collect payroll taxes, it will be liable to the government for any uncollected or unpaid payroll taxes. The IRS can levy business assets such as equipment, vehicles, bank accounts, or accounts receivable for any unpaid taxes.

In addition to levying business assets, the IRS can hold the owner(s) and, possibly, other individuals associated with the company, personally liable for the uncollected payroll taxes of a business.

If you are a business owner with unpaid payroll taxes, you need a tax lawyer as soon as possible to assist you in taking immediate action to address your tax issues. At The Barrister Group, L.C., we help individuals, families, and businesses with the settlement of these tax issues, including unpaid payroll taxes.

If the “Trust Fund Recovery Penalty” has already been assessed against you for unpaid payroll tax, our attorneys are experienced in seeking various forms of relief, including appeals, penalty abatement, Offers-In-Compromise, and Installment Agreements.

Your tax issues will not simply disappear. Without the assistance of an experienced tax attorney, you risk penalties, the loss of your business, or possibly you home. At The Barrister Group, L.C., our lawyers are exceptionally skilled and experienced in working on employment tax matters and the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP). If you are a responsible party, you will be penalized by the TFRP if you have failed to collect or pay payroll taxes. A responsible party includes:

    • An officer or an employee of the corporation
    • A member or employee of a partnership
    • A corporate director or shareholder
    • A member of a board of trustees of a nonprofit organization
    • Any other person with authority and control over funds to direct disbursement of payroll taxes

If the trust fund penalty has been assessed against you, or you fear that you may face levies or liens against your business or personal property, you need an experienced tax attorney as soon as possible. To speak with an experienced and effective payroll tax attorney, contact The Barrister Group, L.C.