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Tax and IRS Representation

Options for IRS Tax Settlement

There are three options for settlement of an IRS tax liability:
1. Installment Agreement;
2. Offer-in-Compromise; and
3. Currently-Not-Collectible/Hardship Status.

The best option for each taxpayer depends on their current financial circumstances, including income, investments, age and health.

To make a determination of what the best option is for you, our attorneys will begin with a complete financial analysis of your situation. When that is complete, we will provide you with our honest opinion concerning the resolution of your IRS liability.
WARNING: there are many, many companies which would like everyone to believe that the IRS is willing to accept “pennies-on-the-dollar” for tax liabilities. The truth is, the IRS will only accept less than what you owe, if they believe what you offer is more than they will be able to collect if they don’t accept it.

Don’t become a victim of one of those companies. Contact The Barrister Group, L.C. for honest and professional representation by a tax attorney.