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Tax and IRS Representation

IRS Levies, Liens and Garnishment

A tax lien can be placed on your home or business property to ensure that any equity in the property goes to the IRS if you are unable to pay your taxes. A levy is the actual seizure of your property. At The Barrister Group, L.C., our attorneys are experienced in helping individual and businesses with tax debt protect their assets from levies.

If you have received a “Final Notice of Levy”, you need an experienced tax attorney immediately. After you receive the notice, you only have 30 days to appeal before your property can be seized. Contact The Barrister Group, L.C. to request an appeal and protect your property.

The IRS has the power to levy your wages (known as, garnishment), bank accounts, rental income, retirement accounts, and the cash loan value of your life insurance. However, the IRS cannot levy clothes, school books, unemployment benefits, workers’ compensation benefits, some annuity and pension payments, or child support. Our attorneys can assist you in requesting an appeal to protect your assets from the IRS through an Installment Agreement or Offer-In-Compromise. We will also help you in identifying property that cannot be seized.

If you have been contacted by the IRS, you need to speak with an experienced wage garnishment and tax levy attorney. Contact The Barrister Group, L.C. to protect your business and assets against the IRS.