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Medical / Dental / Chiropractic Practice Solutions

Professional health related practices provide substantial and irreplaceable services to the patients that they service, but medical, dental, and chiropractic practices are also businesses that have the same legal requirements and issues as any other corporation.

The MedPac Legal Services Program was designed to facilitate the business of running a medical, dental, and/or chiropractic practice. MedPac Legal Services Program offers corporate legal services tailored to the needs of the medical, dental, and chiropractic profession at a fixed cost. In response to client request and the impending financial constraints as a result of the current environment, MedPac Legal Services Program has moved away from billable hours to a fixed cost approach, which gives medical practices certainty in their costs when the affects of the new legislation are mostly unknown.

The MedPac Legal Services Program begins with a legal “audit” of all existing corporate documents, which includes advice as to any legal documents that may be needed to avoid unnecessary expense in the future.

The MedPac Legal Services Program includes all annual corporate requirements with the state; organizing, attending and drafting the minutes for the annual meeting; continual review of all existing practice agreements and contracts; and up to 15 hours of legal counsel throughout the year.

Additional hours of counsel may include:
     - Review of leases
     - Employee/independent contractor problems
     - Non-compete issues, addition of new employees and/or partners
     - Practice compliance issues.

The attorneys with MedPac Legal Services will also act as “general counsel” for the practice. The attorneys for MedPac Legal Services have years of experience practicing in Kansas City and will be able to direct your practice to an attorney specializing in any specific area should the need arise. In addition, the attorneys for MedPac Legal services will be able to ensure that you are getting the most for your money with attorneys that you may need to hire.

The MedPac Legal Services Program was designed to provide the medical, dental, and chiropractic practice with convenient, cost-efficient business legal services.