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Contract Review

* Protect Your Interests – Expect the Unexpected *
While you cannot always anticipate what might happen to your Business, disputes and disagreements can be minimized through the proper implementation of a well constructed Contract or Agreement. The terms and conditions of an Agreement provide important legal protections should any dispute between parties arise.

The Barrister Group L.C. routinely counsels clients as to the following:
    • Buy-Sell Agreements between Owners
    • Confidentiality, Non-Solicitation, and Non-Compete Agreements
    • Employment Contracts
    • Commercial Leases and/or Sub-Lease Agreements
    • Asset & Stock Purchase Agreements
    • Shareholder and Stock Redemption Agreements
    • Phantom Stock Agreements
    • Product Purchase Agreements and Waivers

*Getting It Right the FIRST Time*
Many Contracts and Agreements are difficult to enforce unless they are drafted properly. The business attorneys at The Barrister Group L.C. have the knowledge and experience to assist you in drafting or reviewing that Contract which is so important to your future. Our attorneys meticulously draft and review business contracts, provide deviations and additional language to proposed contracts, and commonly will mediate on behalf of clients during contract negotiations.