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Areas of Practice
Comprehensive and Integrated Legal Services.

Protecting your financial interests in today’s world requires preventative legal strategies that anticipate problems before they arise. Emphasizing thorough, detail-oriented service, we operate as your in-house legal counsel, positioned to respond to issues as they arise.

The attorneys at The Barrister Group LC have a wide variety of experience in several areas of the law. From assisting you with running your Business to providing counsel on family matters, we maintain a group of experienced professionals in very specific legal fields

Evaluating our clients’ financial situation and long-term goals, The Barrister Group LC provides legal counsel and representation in regard to the following:
    • Business Counseling
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Tax and IRS Representation
    • Family Law & Estate Planning
    • Debt Collection & Settlement Services
    • MedPac Solutions:  Medical/Legal Consult

The attorneys at The Barrister Group LC are here to participate in the journey with you, not simply execute transactions. Our approach is one of consultative and preventative, not compulsive and antagonistic.